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Surge Protection

Meter Based Surge ProtectorWhole-house meter-based surge protection units available

200-amp unit: $200

320-amp unit: $250

Typical units feature a 10-15 year warranty

A Menard Electric Cooperative Area Serviceman will install the unit at the meter and leave with the member all warranty and contact information. In the event of unit failure and/or equipment damage as a result of an electrical surge, the member is responsible for contacting the manufacturer to request reimbursement for damage claims which may be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. The member is responsible for contacting the cooperative if they want the unit removed or to purchase a new unit at the end of the warranty period.

MetPoint of Use Surge Protector Imageer-based surge protectors typically protect some motors, compressors and resistive elements; they do not offer protection for electronic features on appliances/devices. To protect sensitive electronics we recommend members use point-of-use surge protection strips, available at many retail outlets.

Questions? Call the member services department at the co-op office.



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